CITY SERVANTS! seeks to connect The Faith Community with the other Community Partners (City, Police, Fire, Schools, DSHS, & other “Service-Providers” & Service Organizations) to help solve community problems, concerns and issues in order to help create a safe, healthy, connected, encouraging, loving community atmosphere.

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Pastor Michael Hanford

Pastor Hanford leads the work of City Servants in Monroe, Washington. Pastor Hanford is the founding and lead pastor of Christ Church Monroe, serves as a Monroe Fire and Police Chaplain, and is active in a wide range of civic activities. He is a consistent, strong, and faithful voice for compassion, mercy, and justice in our community. Email Pastor Michael  →

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Working Together

City Servants works together with many community organizations and partners to make Monroe and our surrounding communities a safer, more comfortable, and caring place...Monroe Fire and Police and the annual Night Out Against Crime, Monroe Community Coalition, Domestic Violence Task Force, Monroe Cold Weather Shelter and much more.

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Connecting with community partners to serve our city

One of our goals is to help us all get connected with Community Partners to help solve Community Problems. Remember, YOU are part of your community’s solution! 

Where “Community Concerns” coincide with God’s Heart’s concerns, it opens a wonderful door to connect and work together! What are God’s concerns:  The Brokenhearted, The Innocent Victims, The Abused, The Hungry ,The Homeless, The Downtrodden, The Oppressed, The Hopeless, The Vulnerable, The Fatherless, The Widow, The Immigrant;….the list is long.

Connecting Service providers, Leaders, City and The "Faith Community"!  Bridging/Being A Bridge...Networking!

Channeling God's People into Community Projects, programs, networks and activities which are happening in our City which reflect Our Transcendent Biblical Values. (e.g. Health, Safety, protecting the innocent, helping the fatherless, widow, orphan, needy and sojourner/alien/immigrant, etc)

Serving, leading, advising and working with City, Police, Monroe Schools, Chamber of Commerce, etc. on Community Efforts

Consulting with other churches in city outreach and investing in the community


Here are some tips on how you can connect & make a difference in your community.

  1. Pray for your eyes to be opened and for Him to show you where, whom and how
  2. Ask these key questions:
  • What are the top 5 problems in My Community? (Possible Sources For Answers: Police, Schools, City Hall, Fire Dept, YMCA, Hospital, Youth Center, Boys & Girls’ Clubs…)
  • Who are the other Community Partners already working on these problems with whom I could partner?

Here are examples of possible Community Problems: Neighborhood Crime, Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse, Bullying, DUI’s, Teen Suicide, High Drop Out Rate, Teen Pregnancy, Gangs/Graffiti, Homelessness, Runaway Youth, Hunger, Racial Prejudice….

Here are some examples of some Community Partnerships & Events which may already exist: Neighborhood Associations, Food Bank, Mentoring & Tutoring in your Schools, Minority Achievers Programs, Anti-Bullying Movement, Crime Prevention Council, National NIGHT OUT AGAINST CRIME (Held in every Community the 1st Tuesday in August), Substance Abuse Coalition...

We are missionaries to Monroe. We want to help you be aware of others making a difference and help you all to find your place of connection to your Community

Call To Action!  God has placed you as light in your neighborhood, city, job, school, incarnate His Love, His Presence, His Hope and Heart to those around you

Let us know of ways you and others are connecting and making a difference in your are some of the way City Servants connects in our community:

Back To School Prayer
Bully Slam
Citizen's Academy
Diversity Council
Domestic Violence Task Force

Monroe Community Coalition
Night Out Against Crime
Police & Fire Appreciation
Public Hearings
Public Office

Orphan Care Ministry
Youth Care
Cold Weather Shelter

For more information and to connect with City Servants Email Pastor Michael  →