Tuesdays & Thursdays from 3:30 to 5:30pm

Tuesdays & Thursdays from 3:30 to 5:30pm


To empower kids to lead themselves and others by providing loving relationships and a nurturing environment where they can grow, learn and discover their God given potential

We do Kidz Club because...


We don't want our kids to become statistics! 

we want them to become a success!

We do Kidz Club so that...


none of our kids need to be embarrassed to go to school tomorrow because they are having a difficult time reading or afraid to go to school because their homework isn't finished.

all of our kids have a is a safe, stable, and nurturing placeto grow, learn, discover their potential, explore new experiences, and have fun.


all of our kids will have a chance...will have the hope for a better, healthier, safer, and more productive and fulfilling life.


Then there's the purely practical...

$1.00 invested in improving a child's educational outcomes from pre-K through 4th Grade will return $8.24 to society.

A student who drops out before finishing high school will cost society $1.2 million over their lifetime due to the price of incarceration, public welfare, and other factors such as how much less they pay in taxes.

A Typical day at Kidz Club...

healthy snacks and GAMES

We begin each Kidz Club with a healthy snack and a time to unwind, talk about our day, hang out with our cool volunteers, and maybe play some table games (educational of course!)


Volunteers read for at least 30 minutes with every student. Reading is the foundation for success at school.  We help with homework and if you don't have any, we have fun learning activities that improve reading and math skills.

Life Skills

We learn new skills for life and how to become good members of our community.

We learn how to regulate our emotions, what to do when we're afraid, or angry...we even learn that you can bake chocolate chip cookies yourself!



We explore the teachings of Jesus and learn about the qualities that build great character in our lives like joy, peace, kindness, integrity, generosity, not giving up, being faithful, being gentle, being the boss over our own desires...and more.


“Take the Next Step and the programs they provide are vital to our community.  I work at Frank Wagner Elementary about about 70% of our families live in poverty.  Monroe is a great community but we are small and there are very few programs to assist my students and their families.  The free tutoring that Kidz Club provides ensures that two nights a week my students are getting the support and encouragement they need to finish their homework.  In addition, my students connect with other adults (not just their teachers and parents) that reinforce how important an education is for their future.  The community dinners and life skills classes provide a place for my students' families to connect with others that are dealing with the same struggles as well as provide tools to support them.  We need these programs in Monroe!”  

Missy Maxson|  5th Grade Teacher|  Frank Wagner Elementary


“I just wanted to say how thankful I am for Kidz Club and Take the Next Step.  Where my work in the classroom runs out of time, Kidz Club takes over with a safe place for the students to go after school, practice reading and work on their homework.  All this is in addition to helping them practice basic manners and the value of kindness to others.  Raylin, Minta, and all the others always find room for kids who need the support.  They check in with me and the other teachers to see where the kids are at and how they are doing at school.  They talk to parents to strengthen the bonds with the families.  These are amazing programs that really enrich this community and are an immense benefit to our students and our school.”

Patrice Chauvin|  Second Grade Teacher|  Frank Wagner Elementary


“Kidz Club is one of the few resources available to help children in our community. It provides them a safe place to be after school, builds social skills, helps with schoolwork, and promotes healthy relationships with trusting and caring adults. Our students LOVE participating in Kidz Club!!!”

Joanna Dittemore|  M.Ed.  |  Bilingual School Counselor|  Frank Wagner Elementary

Kidz Club is open to all elementary - aged students.

We invite you to stop by to visit any Tuesday or Thursday afternoon

While we do our best to make sure no student is turned away, we currently have a waiting list.

Please complete our brief information form below and we will contact you to confirm that we have space for your child.

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Kidz Club is a partnership of Take the Next Step and City Life / Youth for Christ

Kidz Club doesn't stop when school is out!

Take Action - what's your next step?

You don't have to be a homework wizard to help at Kidz Club

  • Make healthy snacks

  • Hang out and play games to help our kids unwind from the day

  • Spend half an hour reading with a child

  • Help with homework

  • Love cooking, doing crafts? Share that with our kids!

  • Just be a friend

If you're ready to help our kids, EMAIL > Raylin Lucey, our Kidz Club coordinator, or stop by for a visit sometime. You'll have a great time!


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