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 To empower young people to lead themselves and others through their words, actions, love, faith, and purity

Through Student Leadership, middle school and high school students are given the opportunity to grow as leaders by serving weekly at our Kidz Club program. Students are given specific tasks and job responsibilities each day that will grow their leadership abilities, cultivate social skills, and help prepare them for future employment opportunities. High School Students are encouraged to attend Student Leader dinners, which take place twice a month, and are also encouraged to meet with a mentor two times each month.

We hope that the Student Leadership program allows our middle school and high school students, who participate throughout the year, to feel valued, build character, and gain life-changing experiences.


2017 Mission Trip 

2017-2018 Leadership Team

Middle School Student Leaders

High School Student Leaders


Middle School Student Leader Team


  1.  Emely Guerra
  2.  Anna Cornejo
  3.  Caden Barksdale
  4.  Corrine Pilkenton
  5.  Giovanni Robles
  6.  Natalia Vigil
  7.  Janetzy Ibarra
  8.  Sarahray Juarez
  9.  Nalleli Martinez


    1.  Manny Mendez
    2.  Sherlyn Pacheco
    3.  Danny Vigil
    4.  Victoria Castro
    5.  Karen Herrera
    6.  Patty Ayala
    7.   Itzel Morales
    8.   Ana Sandoval
    9.   Nayeli Buenrosto


    Follow Student Leaders on Instagram!

    Follow Student Leaders on Instagram!

    High School Student Leader Team


    1. Juan Padilla
    2. Alondra Guzman
    3. Enrique Villagomez






    1.  Michelle Guillen
    2.  Viviana Morales
    3.  Andrea Martinez
    4.  Keylee Uribe

    MONDAYS (Middle School City Life)

    1.  Kiana Kendall
    2.  Liliana Ramirez
    3.  Erik Vigil 


    Are you considering being a part of the 2017-2018 Student Leadership Team? If so, click the link below to fill out the online application or contact Raylin Lucey for an application because there are only a limited amount of spots available. 

    Applications are due September 1, 2017. 

    We are proud to partner with Seattle YFC to run Student Leadership

    We are proud to partner with Seattle YFC to run Student Leadership