One of "our own" young women asked us to start a group for teen moms...  

She invited her friends, they invited others. Some of our first teen moms are now leaders. Join our leaders, a licensed family and marriage counselor, and mentors to share your stories, encourage each other, learn, and grow together.

Growing Together meets
the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month

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Alex's Story

When we first met Alex, she was homeless, living in her car...her hair fell over her face, she couldn't look anyone in the eye.

Alex went back to finish high school, attended college, and is now a dental assistant.

The best part of Alex's story...she married her baby's father and they are living happily ever after!


Take Action - what's your next step?

You can help change young lives...

  • love babies? Help with child care

  • share your own life story as an encouragement

  • share a craft or teach a new skill

  • become a mentor for a young mom or dads 

E-MAIL US > to tell us how you'd like "grow together" with young moms and their children. We'll get right back to you!