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Implementing Volunteers for Salesforce

Link to Implementation Process Documentation Google Doc

User Guide

This is our most recent User Guide. It is always a work in process.

This big boy has everything you'll need to know (well, as far as we've come to document our Salesforce instance). For quick guides on specific topics / tasks scroll down the page...

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Training and Troubleshooting Guides

Salesforce Boot Camp: Just the basics for new users. Our go to training tool for new volunteers.

Reports: how to create basic reports

Gifts In Kind: How to record the donation of "stuff" - anyone can do it!


Creating a New Contact Record

Client Pictures: How to edit and add a client's picture to their Contact Record

Families and Organizations

Creating a New Family, Account, Business, Church, or Organization

Adding a New Member to a Family and creating Relationships between Contacts

Splitting a Family Account: What happens when a "family" breaks up - how to split a family into individual Contacts and create a new Family Account

Duplicate Families, Organization, and Contacts: What happens when in our enthusiasm we've created a duplicate individual "account" (which creates a new family), family, or organization - how to combine all records into one and delete the duplicate

admin tips

Adding Badges (icons) to Salesforce: our brains process images 60,000 times faster than words. Add badges to Salesforce for a quick look at almost anything, for warnings, reminders, etc... This includes the formula for our Quick Look badges.

Badges (icon) Files: This is a file folder in our google drive. 

Power of One: The single most important formula you need to know. The Power of One adds a very simple formula field (=1) to Contacts and Accounts. Now, you can quickly and easily report out non-duplicated clients. Google "Salesforce Power of One" - you'll find one of many write ups that will make sense and work for you.

Process Flows: Before we even started working on our Salesforce instance our "guide" Ashima Saigal of Database Sherpa → encouraged us to examine how and why we do everything and every activity and to document that in a process flow diagram. We learned a lot about how we were doing "business". In the case of our Drop-In Center, we completely changed our approach and open hours. Today, we are much stronger in carrying out our mission of helping our friends take their own next steps. Here are a couple of our flow diagrams:

Drop-In Process Flow: This was our fifth of seven revisions and includes notation and questions for Ashima.
Drop-In Center Donation Process: One of our early flow to documents how volunteers and staff receive and record cash and Gifts In Kind

Scanner: We use a Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i mobile document scanner. The scanner has a utility that allows you to scan documents directly into Salesforce.