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Sample of fonts, etc.

Four font choices are available within the standard menu selections.

It is important to consider the order of importance when selecting fonts - search engines scan a website for headings. Carefully choose the page titles that you show at the top of each page (not necessarily the same as the navigation name but a good, descriptive title for search engines - the engines will capture the essence of the site by our h1 usage).

We can change the color of heading fonts, but the color changes are universal - we can't for instance use a new color to emphasize a section.

There is an additional font choice, "Quote" which we can change to whatever we think will work best - again, it's universal

Beyond the standard drop-down menu text size selections, we can add three heading fonts. See below.

This is Heading 1 Text - 36 pt italic BOLD
Line spacing is 1.2em - this should be used for page headlines

This is Heading 2 Text - 24 pt italic BOLD - Line spacing 1.2em - tighter for headlines
it's always in CAPS
This should be used for section headlines

This is Heading 3 Text - 24 pt italic BOLD
This is the same size as Heading 2 - not condensed and not automatically bolded

Line spacing is 1.5em for greater readability
Use for emphasis

This is normal text - 14 pt - Line spacing 1.5em
it can be bolded and italicized for selected words
Links show in normal text

Links are not shown for Headings - they work but if you can see they are a link, it's not of much use

These additional headings also available (see below):


Additional headings are possible, but only through the use of the Markdown Block - not the standard text box.

In the Markdown box:

<h4>Insert your text here</h4>

If you want a soft return insert <br> 

If you want a hard (paragraph spacing) return insert </p>

This is h4 text

This is h5 text

This is h6 text

Markdown Blocks are handy!

<p align="right">This is some text in a paragraph.</p>

This is some text in a paragraph.

This is our Quote style

It can also be used for emphasis or adding another font style. This is set up to change the font, the size (use em) and color (can use hex code as well as basic names of colors).

We chose the less costly of the two “low cost” plans the department had developed…a plan that…relied heavily on the cereals, dry beans, peas, nuts, and potato groups…the less expensive items.

This is a test of quote in css for Bitter

To change the color and font for a few words of body text, use the Markdown block:

Roses are <span style="color:red; font-family:Georgia; font-size:2em;">red.</span>

to bold add <b> before and </b> after text to be bolded (inside spans)

for superscript: <p>This text contains <sup>superscript</sup> text.</p>

em is a percentage measurement and indicates the proportion to the usual font, or line spacing
you may specify any font - stick with google fonts for best results and fastest loading

Which will result in:

Roses are red.

$1.00 invested in improving a child's educational outcomes from pre-K through 4th Grade will return $8.24 to society.

A student who drops out before finishing high school will cost society $755,900 over their lifetime due to the price of incarceration, public welfare, and other factors such as how much less they pay in taxes.

Line 2

Heading 1
Line 2

Heading 2
Line 2

Heading 3
Line 2

Heading 4
Line 2

Heading 5
Line 2

Heading 6
Line 2





$25 font-family: 'Oswald'; font-style: normal; font-weight: 400;

$25 Indie Flower

$25 Indie Flower